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    19 More Reasons To Love Netflix

    The modern-day Big Brother.

    1. When they got a little too real about a date.

    2. When they sassed back about their recommendations.

    3. When they stood by their brand.

    4. When they went all Film Theory on us.

    5. When they offered to be your girlfriend.

    6. When they answered a question that wasn't directed at them.

    7. When they got a little pushy.

    8. When they tried to be your one and only.

    9. When they gave some Cosmo-worthy advice.

    10. When they opened the lines of communication.

    11. When they got handsy.

    12. When we found out they're a bigger fan of Arrested Development than us.

    13. When we found out they may actually be Gossip Girl.

    14. When they acted like our mom.

    15. When they were a better boyfriend than Jack.

    16. When they told Sam Ronson that they would never judge her. (Not even for dating Lindsay)

    17. When they made it clear they don't believe in tanning beds.

    18. When they planned a date night.

    19. When they got sexy for ya.