14 Things People Looked Like At The VMAs

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere.

1. Amber Rose looks like the Beowulf cover.

Frazer Harrison / Staff


2. Taylor Swift looks like wrapping paper.

Frazer Harrison / Staff

3. And like the opening of Saved by the Bell.


(h/t @bananarams)

4. Gwen Stefani looks like a highlighter.

Frazer Harrison / Staff


5. Iggy Azalea looks like a Horcrux.

Jason Merritt / Staff


6. And like C-3PO.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

7. Jason Derulo looks like he bought his outfit from the Kim Kardashian game.

Frazer Harrison / Staff


8. Charli XCX looks like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.


9. And like Cher from Clueless.


Paramount Pictures


10. Ariana Grande looks like Beyoncé.

Michael Buckner / Staff


11. Taylor Swift also had a tribute to Beyoncé.

Either Beyonce is giving away old concert outfits or Taylor Swift needs a new stylist?!! #vmas

— DeAndre Parker (@dlp9020)

12. Nick Jonas looks like the conductor from The Polar Express.

Frazer Harrison / Staff


14. And J.Lo looks as good as she’s always looked.

Frazer Harrison / Staff

Kevin Winter / Staff


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