26 Times Robert Pattinson Was A Total Freakin’ Weirdo

So beautiful. So odd.

1. When he tried to hide his socks.


2. When he gave this explanation for why he lies and Jimmy Kimmel was like “um, no.”


3. When he couldn’t even handle his life.


4. When he discussed his rap career.


5. Whenever he says he has no idea where all of his belongings are.


6. When he said he has no control over his tongue.


7. Anytime he can’t seem to figure out what to do with his hands.


8. When he was brutally honest about his weight struggles.


9. When he gave a LOT of detail about his sex scene.

10. Basically anytime he goes on stage at an award show and starts talking gibberish.


11. When he took this question very literally.


13. When he said he’d leave if he was ever elected president.

14. When he was brutally honest with Kristen.

15. This blatant lie he told on the Today Show.


16. When he said this was at the top of his bucket list.


17. This sassy answer about his outfit.


18. When he got cheeky with Taylor Lautner.

19. When Jimmy Fallon said “Millions of Twilight fans, they cannot wait to see this, it’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?” and he didn’t even care.


20. Basically anytime he made fun of Twilight.

21. When he started talking and just couldn’t stop.


22. When he discussed his Craigslist obsession.


23. When he said he lives in a trashcan despite owning a $6 million house.

24. His love of pure mayhem.

25. When he said that he’d rather be working at Burger King.


26. When he said the biggest change in his life is that he doesn’t smoke crack anymore.

Which leads us to wonder, Rob do you even think before you speak?

That’s cool, we love you anyway.


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