17 British Slang Terms Americans Should Start Using Immediately

Stop trying to make fetch happen and try these instead.


Definition: A messed up situation
How to use it: “The VMAs were a total balls-up.”


Definition: Drinking heavily; going out for the purpose of drinking heavily
How to use it: “LiLo admitted she went on the piss pre-rehab.”


Definition: Being a loud mouth and/or offensive
How to use it: “Bill Maher can be kind of gobby.”


Definition: Penis
How to use it: “Did you see Alexander Skarsgard’s todger on True Blood?!”


Definition: A rear end
How to use it: “Chris Brown is a total arse.”


Definition: Testicles or something useless or of poor quality
How to use it: “Ben Affleck being cast as Batman is a load of bollocks!”


Description: Extremely drunk
How to use it: “Did you hear that David Cassidy was arrested for a DUI? Apparently he was legless.”


Definition: Exhausted
How to use it: “I was knackered after a weekend at Coachella.”


Definition: Upset or offended
How to use it: “It was so stupid when Taylor Swift was miffed at Amy Poehler and Tina Fey making fun of her.”


Definition: A disparaging term for cheap wine, especially cheap red wine.
How to use it: “Girls, a new episode of the Bachelorette is on tonight. I’ll print out the rules of the drinking game, you bring the plonk.”


Definition: Sexual intercourse
How to use it: “I hear it’s possible Mindy Kaling and James Franco may have a little rumpy pumpy on The Mindy Project this season.”


Definition: To fall head over heels
How to use it: “I’ll never forget when Jennifer Lawrence fell arse over tit at the Oscars.”


Definition: An idiot
How to use it: “Ryan Lochte is such a wazzock.”

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Definition: Sexually attractive
How to use it: “Ryan Gosling is fit.”


Definition: An upset stomach or feeling of acute nervousness
How To Use It: “Before I met Harry Styles I got a serious case of the collywobbles.”


Definition: To be wealthy
How to use it: “Bieber can buy whatever car he wants. He’s minted.”


Definition: Nonsense
How to use it: “People being angry about Miley at the VMAs is such tosh.”

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