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    23 Pictures People Who Haven't Worked Retail Will Never Understand

    You don't know. YOU JUST DON'T.

    1. Every day:

    2. The originality:

    3. The lie that is the back:

    4. The TENSION:

    5. Laughing through the pain:

    6. Being invisible:

    7. How phone calls in the store work:

    8. The need for a gas mask:

    9. The most tense two minutes of your life:

    10. And the inevitable angriest 10 minutes of your life:

    11. WHY:

    PEOPLE WHO COME IN 10 mins before we close I hate you all so much

    12. "Oops I forgot!"

    13. Becoming a math genius:

    14. Constant reminders:

    15. Days off:

    16. Victory:

    17. When a customer starts telling you their life story:

    18. "I have coupons at home!"

    19. Trying not to lose your mind:

    20. Disappearing acts:

    21. The joy:

    22. Cherishing the break:

    23. And sweet, sweet relief: