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18 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Chris Hemsworth Actually Is A God

He is no man.

1. This is Chris Hemsworth. You thought he was mortal? You were wrong.

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images


3. He is no mortal. He is a god. And I'm not talking like "plays a god in movies" or something (although that is true). I'm talking a REAL CELESTIAL BEING.

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

4. He's a god who walks amongst us and just pretends to be human, but actually he's not. HE'S NOT!!!

Fred Duval / Getty Images

5. First of all, the amount of bracelets he wears. No human man can actually wear that many bracelets and still successfully make you drool. But he can. Because he is a god.

Alberto Alcocer / Getty Images

6. See this butt? That is not a human man butt. That is a god butt.

7. Humans can't get sprayed with this much water and remain flawless like Chris does. ONLY GODS CAN.


8. Only gods can exercise while holding a baby child at the same time.

9. These are what the pecs of A TRUE GOD LOOK LIKE.

Not even going to talk about the other thing you are staring at.

10. These biceps? You guessed it, there is no way they belong to a mere man made of flesh and bone. They clearly are the biceps of a higher being.

11. Like only a superior power can do, he remains uninjured by anything people throw his way.

12. The following is video proof that gods know how to skateboard and are actually probably better skateboarders than any earthly creature.

13. I meaaannnnnnnnn.

14. These dance moves? We are not worthy.

15. These finger guns? They might look harmless, but because they are being used by this divine spirit they are actually making your heart ache with lust and love.

16. Just to reiterate: Chris Hemsworth is a god. Like, he's literally, actually, really a god.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

17. Like, really, really.

18. In conclusion: Chris Hemsworth is very much not of this earth, because he is sent from somewhere above.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Thanks to BuzzFeed user Ruthannej3 for being a part of #BRL and requesting this post. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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