Why Jennifer Lawrence's 22nd Year Was Her Best Ever

    Or best yet. Because today is the start of her 23rd year, and who knows what wonderful things she'll bring us next. Happy birthday, J. LAW.

    Because in year 22, she gloriously photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker...

    AND Jeff Bridges.

    And he loved it.

    Because in year 22 she flipped off the press, but then felt adorably bad about it a second later.

    Because in year 22 we learned she would be an excellent replacement for the MGM lion:

    And that her peeing standards are just like ours:

    Because in year 22 Rihanna was excited to meet her:

    And Jack Nicholson wanted to make her his girlfriend:

    Because in year 22 she still carried a stuffed animal through the airport... while sucking her thumb...

    ...she rocked not one but THREE different hairdos...

    ...and she was the only person we would allow to wear these pants:

    Because in year 22 she answered questions like they should be answered:

    And asked the right ones:

    Because in year 22 she made this face:

    And this face:

    Because in year 22 she won AN OSCAR.

    And fell the best fall ever.

    Becoming the first woman in history to inspire women to fall.

    And because year 22 was just another year in the many wonderful years of Jennifer Lawrence. The End.

    Note: year 22 = her being the age 22, but it was the 23rd year of her life.