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    Who Is Zac Efron Dating?

    Who is The Lucky One? Ha ha, get it because that was his movie oh never mind — just give me answers!

    Last week Zac was seen CANOODLING with Brittany Snow while a guy who looks like Daniel Tosh walked through the background of the photo.

    Then today, pictures surfaced of Zac walking out of a movie theater with his hands in his pocket, and OH YEAH, his rumored ex-flame Lily Collins is there too.

    And the mystery deepens!

    Because Brittany Snow is reportedly dating Tyler Hoechlin...

    And Lily Collins had a giant baby pin on her sweater.


    Who is the one that gets to take that very thin, almost see-thru shirt off your back??

    Who has the key to your heart??

    Is it Lily...or Brittany??

    Or maybe it's neither and he is just a nice guy that has friends who happen to be girls and goes out with them occasionally. Now here he is standing adorably in a pool.

    The End.