Where Your Favorite “TRL” Hosts Are Now

Spoiler alert: many of them had babies.

1. Carson Daly

Hosted: Forever ago-forever
What he’s doing now: If only I could remember this person. But alas he disappeared into the abyss that is forgotton hollywood. JK. It’s CARSON! He hosts The Voice on NBC and has two children with longtime girlfriend Siri Pinter. No word on whether he still wears black nail polish.

2. La La Anthony née Vasquez

Hosted: 2002
What she’s doing now: La La is now married to Carmelo Anthony of The New York Knicks and they have one child together. The wedding was filmed for a VH1 television special. She often can be found being BFFs with the Kardashians.

3. Hilarie Burton

Hosted: 2000-2001
What she’s doing now: One Tree Hill anybody!? She made the leap to acting successfully and is still working here and there. Also, she has been in a relationship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan since 2009 and they HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER. I know, this is Peyton we are talking about! I digress.

4. Susie Castillo

Hosted: 2005-2008
What she’s doing now Well for one, she cut her hair. So, there’s that . Also, in 2011 she issued a statement against TSA, along with an emotional video saying that she had been groped and touched inappropriately during a pat-down. She also wrote a book, and has had bit parts on a few TV shows. Now she is one of the faces of the 2012 NFL Women’s Apparel Campaign.

5. Vanessa Lachey née Minillo

Hosted: 2003-2007
What she’s doing now: She just had a baby with Nick Lachey, her husband. Remember when she interviewed Nick and Jessica together on TRL, and then had his baby? Good times! She also has dabbled in acting, appearing in an episode of 30 Rock and Hawaii Five-0.

6. Damien Fahey

Hosted: 2002-2008
What he’s doing now: He is now a standup comedian, does improv and writes for someecards. Also he is very funny on twitter.

I don't get people with giant fish tanks. It's like, "Look at all of this water I can afford."

— Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey)

I don’t get people with giant fish tanks. It’s like, “Look at all of this water I can afford.”— Damien Fahey

It's truly amazing what Abraham Lincoln accomplished while wearing such a big stupid hat.

— Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey)

It’s truly amazing what Abraham Lincoln accomplished while wearing such a big stupid hat.— Damien Fahey

I just flew in from Vegas and boy are my arms tired from pointing at terrible jeans.

— Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey)

I just flew in from Vegas and boy are my arms tired from pointing at terrible jeans.— Damien Fahey

10. Cipha Sounds

Hosted: Okay so technically (and literally) he was the host of Direct Effect but made enough appearances on TRL to be included here.
What he’s doing now: He does radio and is pretty popular in the hip-hop scene. He also created a comedy show called Don’t Get Gassed which is possibly about farts.

11. Quddus

Hosted: 2003-2006
What he’s doing now: ANOTHER ONE WHO GOT A HAIRCUT. He hosted the show Duets for a little while and now he has a website called The Q Side where he interviews celebrities and blogs. He also hosts Arthur Ashe kids day, and is a philanthropist.

12. Lindsay Rodrigues

Hosted: 2007-2008
What she’s doing now: She models, writes, produces, reports and is a presenter. At least that is according to her website. The Aussie also studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

13. Suchin Pak

Hosted: She wasn’t really a host, but she was a correspondant and there like ALLLL the time. Suchin Pak and MTV go together like bananas and Nutella.
What she’s doing now : She just gave birth to a boy in June! Now she is an on-air correspondant for the Daily Candy.

14. Brian McFayden

Hosted: 2001-2001What he’s doing now: He now hosts and produces for Al Gore’s Current TV as well as hosting Campus Insiders, an online, NCAA college football and basketball show. He is also on twitter with 19,000 followers. Follow him!

15. Jesse Camp

Hosted: Not sure if he was ever a full-time host, but his hair was crazy enough to deserve a spot on here. He was the first winner of Wanna be a VJ .
What he’s doing now: Besides being caught by cameras buying cocaine at the TRL finale party in 2008, he is in a band called Jesse & The 8th Street Kids . He hasn’t really been seen much since 2011 when cameras caught up with him and he expressed an intrest in hosting again and said he was working on a “top secret traveling project.”

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