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Next Seasons "30 Rock" Character Predictions

Well, another great season of 30 Rock has ended, leaving us with some resolutions, and some more questions. Here are my predictions for what is going to happen next season. SPOILER ALERT!

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He will start his own studio, and probably call it "Tracy Perry Tyler Jordan Productions." The first movie he will produce will be called, "Mamma's Big Chicken Thighs and Farts." It will be a huge hit with white people too which will leave him very confused. Tyler Perry will most likely play a studio intern.


Jenna looks great in pastels. But besides that, she will also want a baby after seeing Liz and Criss talk about it. She will spontaneously decide to have one via Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate. She'll wear a fake belly though from time to time so that she can take advantage of pregnant women perks.

We'll see these two from time to time. Avery will have moved in with Scott, but Teresa will still be living there. Since Teresa is deaf and in a wheel chair, she will be under the assumption that Avery is the live-in cleaning lady, and Avery will spend most of her time in a maids outfit.


Now that they are roommates things are a bit complicated, but Hazel and Jack will be a couple at the start of next season, with Kenneth blissfully unaware that Hazel is scheming him. Also, Hazel will never buy the milk and Kenneth will always be left without toilet paper, but he won't care he'll "just use leaves as usual."


After the divorce Jack will go running to Avery's mom, Diana. Diana will be on board with the relationship, but things will get confusing for little baby Liddy when she doesn't know whether to call Diana Grandma or (step)mom. Diana and Jack will still separate quickly while kissing upon someone entering the room out of habit.


Baby, baby, baby! They will have a baby, maybe not right away, but we all want it to happen for Liz. A pregnant and crazier Lemon wouldn't be such a bad story line. Plus, after seeing the plant montage, it's kind of hard to imagine Liz as anything but a mother. I mean, did you see her teaching that plant how to ride a bike?

The Liz as plant-mom montage: