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24 Things Everyone Who Smokes Weed Will Understand

Weed is tight, weed is tight.

1. On being out in public:

2. On that one toke too many:

3. On having no food:

4. On storytelling:

5. On keeping your phone alive:

6. On snacks:

7. On the unexpected:

8. On default mode:

9. On life's little pleasures:

10. On performing basic tasks:

11. On FEAR:

12. On keeping it together:

13. On a new stash:

14. On going on a mission:

15. On tragedy:

16. On your career:

17. On being asked if you've partaken:

18. On going home:

19. On secrets:

20. On the start of it all:

21. On that smell:

22. On losing it:

23. On taking that extra step:

24. On glorious sights:

And on beginnings: