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This Little Kid Trying To Lick A Camera Is Already The Best Part Of The Olympics


HELLO AND GOOD MORNING/EVENING/NIGHT/WHATEVER. I know that the Olympics are filled with athletes who are in insane shape and the whole event is ~about them~. But unfortunately for those athletes, this little kid who was caught on camera while walking through Olympic Park is now the most important person of these Winter Games.

Meet this little guy. He saw the camera and decided to make the most of it.

He stood there in this same position for some time, before the camera guy reached out to give him a high-five, and his mother tried to get him away from it all.

But this little guy would not be broken. He did not allow his mother to move him.

No matter how many times she grabbed his little hand, he would not budge.

And then of course, comes ~the~ moment. When our little friend decided to go further than any little man has gone before. He tried to lick the camera.


Unfortunately his attempt was foiled by adults. And I was really upset about that!! Let the kid lick the camera!!!

However my sadness went away real fast when these two kids came into the picture.

Maybe they are the real stars after all?

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