This Is What You Get When You Combine The Male Leads From Every Nicholas Sparks’ Movie

Turns out a bunch of hot guys makes one single, also hot guy.

1. If you take Ryan Gosling…

Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin

The Notebook

2. Add Richard Gere…

Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker

Nights In Rodanthe

3. Plus Kevin Costner…

Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker

Message In a Bottle

4. Plus a bit of Channing Tatum…

Getty Images / Francois Durand

Dear John

5. With a sprinkling of Liam Hemsworth…

Getty Images / Rob Kim

The Last Song

6. A dash of Shane West…

Getty Images / Gabriel Olsen

A Walk To Remember

7. Plus some Zac Efron…

Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin

The Lucky One

8. And a touch of Josh Duhamel…

Getty Images / Araya Diaz

Safe Haven

9. You get this:

Beautiful face combo created by reddit user ThatNordicGuy.

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