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26 Things You'll Only Get If You Watch "Game Of Thrones"

Thank you internet for creating such masterpieces.

1. This reference:

2. This sign:

3. The fact that a Lannister always pays his debts

4. This:

5. This:

6. This:

7. And this:

8. A man must add highlights:

9. This combo:


11. Snow in a snuggie:

12. And the Lannisters too:

13. If Disney did Game Of Thrones:

14. This:

15. This:

16. And this:

17. How Jack Gleeson responded to this tweet:

18. Jorah's problem:

19. Jaime's facebook page:

20. Ned bein' Ned:


21. How to play the game:

22. Cersei's version of things boys do that we love:

23. That this person would be unstoppable:

24. These facts:


26. And their pick up lines:

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