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30 Things We Learned About Kate Upton In 2012

She's much more than just a swimsuit model.

1. She can ride a horse.

2. She can roll around on a raft.

3. She loves goats.

4. And starfish.

5. The Italians love her.

6. She looks good in a little blue hat.

7. Sometimes she wears one-pieces.

8. She's not allergic to grass.

9. She's patriotic.

10. Very patriotic!

11. Extremely patriotic!

12. She likes small shirts.

13. And loves soda.

14. She knows how to dance.



17. She IS the Easter bunny.

18. And knows how to be resourceful when there are no napkins around.

19. She likes burgers.

20. Seriously loves meat.

21. She doesn't like cold water.

22. But she's resilient.

23. She's strong.

24. She's a Yankees fan.

25. She's still a Yankees fan.

26. She enjoys working out.

27. She likes to dance, again.

28. She likes to be adventurous.

29. She gives back to the community.

30. And she definitely made these guys' day.