Jiggly Kate Upton GIFs To Brighten Your Life

Thank you, Vogue Germany. The world needed this today.

1. Because this is BuzzFeed Sports, and we can’t JUST share amazing GIFs of the Internet’s girlfriend, Kate Upton, here’s a breakdown of all the “sports” that Kate Upton performs in her new German Vogue video.

ID: 727337

2. Dressage

ID: 727196

3. Laughing At Potentially Dangerous Falls

ID: 727204

4. Car Circlage

ID: 727233

5. Water Catching

ID: 727267

6. Water Lounging: Individual Medley

ID: 727412

7. Rhythmic Dress Gymnastics

ID: 727293

8. Team Barn Laying

ID: 727344

9. Team Grass Rolling

ID: 727373

10. Bikini Hair Cutting

ID: 727375

11. The Seated Jewelry Relay

ID: 727345

12. And Kate isn’t alone, her friends can compete too:

ID: 727351

13. Group Flipping

ID: 727259

14. Male Individual Grass Rolling

ID: 727374

15. Watch the full video here:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/54621589.
ID: 727304

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