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There's Literally A Raccoon Cafe In Seoul, Korea And It Will Change Your Life

This is not an overstatement. I'm serious. Your life will be changed.

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Hey there. Are you struggling at home or at work? Do you ever feel like life has handed you some rotten lemons? Do you need a new outlook on life? Well help is on the way! Because all you actually need is to go to the Raccoon Cafe in Korea.

YES. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! The Raccoon Cafe, in Seoul. A place that will change you! Ok, let's get into it.


After you leave literally all of your belongings in a locker (except for your phone), you walk into the ~cafe~. You can buy real drinks and food here. But we weren't here for the food or drinks.


As with any cafe with raccoons, there were rules. Basically that the place isn't responsible for any damage in any way, the raccoons have sharp teeth, they bite, and they can hurt you. K!


Here's something that you'll learn real quick at the Raccoon Cafe. It's not just for raccoons!!!

Okay now that you've got the lay of the land. Let's talk about ~The Raccoons~


If you've been thinking your whole life that raccoons have no feelings, you'd be wrong. This cafe makes sure you respect their god-given bodies. He's a boy and he isn't pregnant, people! So stop askin'!

And if you thought raccoons have no manners...think again, buddy! They're polite af. This one gently caressed this man's ear. What happens at the raccoon cafe stays at the raccoon cafe!


Look at this one drinking. He just wants to stay hydrated like the rest of us.

They can wander if they wanna wander.

And they can walk all over you and you're gonna love every second of it!!

And as this raccoon would say, ta ta for now!
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