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The Only 28 Times It's Completely Valid To Dial 911

Lack of McNuggets ARE an emergency.

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1. Because of Blockbuster:

2. Because you weren't finished with that beer:

3. For burgers and weed:

4. Because you are actually in the afterlife:

5. For Mcnuggets:

6. For that erectile problem:

7. Because your mom is using the car right now:

8. For a husband:

9. Because your sandwich order was not fulfilled:

10. Because of an angry cat:

11. Because of lame-o neighbors:

12. Because you're getting swindled:

13. Because grandma needs her beer:

14. Because there's a full moon out:

15. Because you can't sleep next to that noise:

16. To get those damn hooligans off the street:

17. Because the waffles were raw:

18. For sex:

19. Because math homework is hard:

20. Because you wanted a WESTERN burger:

21. Because you didn't ask for that marinara crap:

22. To get the time:

23. To let everyone know the truth about Kelly Ripa:

24. Because the bus stop is just too far:

25. Because you've forgotten how to cook a turkey:

26. Because of those damn broken zippers:


28. And for love.

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