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The 33 Most WTF Celeb Photos Of The Year

'Twas a good year in weird celebrity pictures.

1. This picture from when Lena Dunham didn't wear pants:

Amanda Edwards/WireImage / Via

2. This photo of Drake and Guy Fieri cooking together:

3. This photo of Wyclef Jean almost naked on a motorycle:

4. This pic of Kathy Griffin exposing her granny panties:

Larry Marano / Getty Images

5. This photo of Jennifer Lopez and her body double, who's a GUY!



6. This photo of a mutton-chopped Jude Law:

7. This photo of Harry Styles being creepy in a bodysuit:


Gotcha Images / Splash News

8. This picture of Jenny McCarthy groping Justin Bieber:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

9. This pic of what Justin Bieber would look like in 60 years:

Splash News

10. This pic of Sacha Baron Cohen's... penis?

Fameflynet Pictures

11. This image of Peaches Geldof on her phone while her baby rolls away on the sidewalk:


Gotcha Images / Splash News

12. This photo of Robert Pattinson (maybe) pooping

FameFlyNet Pictures / Via

13. This photo of Coco doing Coco.

Jae Donnelly/

14. Nic Cage in this photo:

15. This photo of whatever is going on here with Ke$ha:


16. This instagram of Anderson Cooper covered in blue goop:

17. This pic of Demi Moore up in da club:

Venturelli/WireImage / Via

18. This photo of Katy Perry's bathing suit malfunction:


19. This photo of Octomom breastfeeding dolls on a stage:



20. This pic of Gary Busey being Gary Busey:

FameFlynet Pictures

21. And Gary Busey being Gary Busey again:

FameFlyNet Pictures

22. Whatever this picture is:

Doug Meszler / Splash News

23. This photo of Usher and an owl:

24. This pic of CeeLo Green:

Johnny Louis/

25. This pic of Lady Gaga:

Splash News

26. This photo of Christina Aguilera with *something* running down her leg:

Toby Canham / Getty Images

27. This instagram of Kris Jenner...with a nip slip:

28. This photo of Jemima (from "Girls") topless and pregnant:

29. This pic of Nick Nolte about to explode:


30. This pic of Matthew McConaughey ridiculously skinny:

FameFlynet Pictures

31. This photo of tan mom.........


Brian Prahl / Splash News

32. This photo of What Angela from "Boy Meets World" looks like today:

33. And this unearthed photo of Daniel Craig:

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