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The 23 Most Important Things That Happened At The VMAs

Some stuff happened on the air and then other stuff went unseen. These are the best parts.

1. Taylor Swift wanted somebody to shut the fuck up:

2. Lady Gaga looked like bread cat:

3. Harry Styles became BFFs with Rihanna:


4. And also peeled an orange and ate it and then offered some to his friend:

5. Taylor Swift got close to Justin Timberlake:

Getty / Larry Busacca

(While Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding got close in the back.)

6. Lady Gaga showed off her butt:

7. Katy Perry showed off her grill:

8. Ariana Grande met Rihanna:

9. 2 Chainz and Grimes wore the same thing:

10. JT performed and Rihanna actually liked it:

11. Then NSYNC reunited for a glorious 110 seconds:


13. Pharrell rode in with a bike gang:

14. Kanye was there...and performed.

15. Kanye was there...and performed.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

16. Lady Gaga left because she was pissed that people booed One Direction:

More here

17. Daft Punk got emotional:

18. Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert performed and won for "Same Love."

19. And during that performance, Harry Styles nuzzled into Louis Tomlinson's neck:

20. And finally, Miley did this:

21. Leaving everyone reacting like this:

22. This:

23. And this:

And then we all woke up after having the same dream: