The Jedward Twins’ 22 Most Fantastic Outfits

Don’t know who the Jedward twins are? Well you should because they certainly make a statement everywhere they go.

This is John and Edward Grimes. They are identical twins from Ireland who rose to fame on X Factor. Now they are a successful pop group.

Here are their best outfits:

1. This space alien look:


2. These tiger printed morning coats:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

And plush panda shoes.

3. These silver jackets:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

4. These sparkly shoulder-padded jackets:


5. These weaved/checkered blazers:

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

6. These nylon jackets:

Getty Images / Getty Images

7. These opposite but coordinating jackets:

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

8. These Disney costumes:

Danny Martindale / Getty Images

9. These butterfly winged blazers:

(FameFlynet Pictures)

10. These blue and red outfits:

(FameFlynet Pictures)

11. These bone print jackets and purple Nikes:


12. These tiger pants:


13. These American flag straight jackets:

And leopard shoes!

14. These multi-country flagged blazers:


15. These giant sparkly blue jackets:


16. These snakeskin blazers:


17. These military-esque jackets:


18. These pin striped suits:


19. These different space alien jackets:


20. These gold glittery jump suits:


21. These puffer jackets + Tara Reid:


22. These superman jerseys with tiger pants + Tara Reid (again):


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