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The Hottest Guys From A-Z

26 letters in the alphabet, 26 hotties.

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A is for Alexander Skarsgard

B is for Bradley Cooper

C is for Christian Bale

D is for Dominic Cooper

E is for Emile Hirsch

F is for Freddie Prinze Jr. (always)

G is for Garrett Hedlund

H is for Henry Cavill

I is for Ian Somerholder

J is for Josh Bowman

K is for Kellan Lutz

Jerod Harris / Getty Images

L is for Liam Hemsworth

M is for Michael B. Jordan

N is for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

O is for Orlando Bloom

P is for Paul Rudd

Q is for Ben Wishaw who plays Q in the new James Bond movie.

R is for Ryan Gosling

SORRY!! Moving on...

S is for Sebastian Stan

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

T is for Takeshi Kaneshiro

U is for Ryan Reynolds because there is no U

V is for Val Kilmer circa his "Batman" days

W is for William Levy

X is for Xavier Samuel

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

No Y, so more Gosling

Z is for Zac Efron

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