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The 18 Best Moments Of The 2016 VMAs

A recap fer ya.

1. Drake professed his undying love for Rihanna:

2. Kanye West gave a shout-out to his ex, Amber Rose...

3. ...and she was like, "Yep, I'm here!"

4. Laurie Hernandez could not believe Beyoncé just hugged her:

5. Michael Phelps laughed very hard at Jimmy Fallon's Ryan Lochte disses.

6. And I mean very hard.

7. Britney was pleased with her triumphant return to the VMA stage.

8. Ally from Fifth Harmony almost tripped while coming up to the stage to accept the group's award.

9. This Beyoncé fan needed to be held back while in the presence of the goddess.

10. And also Beyoncé smashed a camera.

11. Joanne scammed her way into Nick Jonas's diner performance.

12. Halsey and that dude from The Chainsmokers got all cozy with each other during their performance.

13. Alicia Keys gave an impromptu and beautiful performance:

14. Did I mention Beyoncé? Because that happened.

15. And so did Rihanna. ALSO PERFECTION.

16. Ariana Grande managed to sing AND take a SoulCycle class during her performance.

17. Kim Kardashian needed instructions.

18. And Teyana Taylor made jaws drop when Kanye West premiered his new music video and she was the star.