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I Truly Did Not See What Sophie Turner Said About Arya's Sex Scene Coming

M'lady said that.

Sophie Turner chugging a glass of wine is a beautiful thing. But this video of Sophie Turner in which she holds a glass of wine and discusses the events of last night's GoT episode between Arya and Gendry is truly a sight to behold.

Please, just watch this vid that she posted to her Instagram story:

this vid of sophie turner talking about arya's sex scene last night is art

Yah that's my own Twitter, sorry, but I needed to show you guys this vid somehow so I uploaded it there, please forgive me.

Lady Stark. In a robe. Drinking wine...


I choked on the lukewarm water I was drinking.

She truly said that!

Moral of the story is I wanna get drunk with Sophie Turner.

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