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Snooki And JWoww Prove How Well They Know Each Other In 19 Random Situations

In a little game of "Who's more likely...?"

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Once upon a time Snooki and Jwoww were partying on the boardwalk in New Jersey, with not a worry in mind except who could drink more. Now the two are both moms who change diapers instead of take shots, and they prefer to go by their real names — Nicole (Snooki) and Jenni (Jwoww). They stopped by BuzzFeed and played a game of "Who's More Likely..." to prove how well they know each other — and also themselves. Here's what went down.


3. Who will be better at explaining sex?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: I'm a pervert. So I kind of know how to talk about it, but not, like, be embarrassing or awkward. So I think I'm going to be good.

Jenni: I'm just going to send my kids to Auntie Nicole.

4. Who will end up driving a minivan?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: Ew! Not me! Are you kidding? I fucking hate minivans.

Jenni: I'd get an Escalade. Or a truck. Roll up on 24s. I am not coming to school in a minivan.

Nicole: I am not a minivan mom.

Jenni: Even though they are actually really dope inside.

6. Who is still the biggest partier?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: Pretty even. Because we suck at it.

Nicole: We don't want to party anymore. But when we do, we party.

Jenni: I get carried home. And I love it.


10. Whose husband changes the most diapers?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: I would say both.

Jenni: Well Jionni has two kids.

Nicole: Technically Jionni, but Roger is good too.

Jenni: Roger can catch up. And he loves poopy diapers. It makes you feel good!

Nicole: It means she's healthy!


11. Who is the most likely to shrink the laundry?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: I'm terrible! Roger doesn't let me do laundry anymore.

Nicole: Really? I thought you were good at that stuff.

Jenni: Fuck that! I'm good at everything; I hate fucking laundry. Hate it.

Nicole: I hate laundry too.

12. Who is the bigger slob?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: Circa 2009, Nicole. But now she's stepped up her game so we are pretty even.

Nicole: Yeah, not a slob anymore. But 2009? Whew.

Jenni: Yeah, she didn't bathe.

14. Who is more likely to go into politics?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: Nicole. Unless it's to go against Chris Christie. (holds up her head)

Nicole: I know nothing about politics.

Jenni: But you're a good speaker.

Nicole: Jenni's fierce.

Jenni: I just like speaking my mind.


15. Who read a book last?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: I'm reading a book now!

Jenni: Me too!

Nicole: What are you reading?

Jenni: Dan Brown.

Nicole: Oh you read books-books. I read zombie books. I'm currently reading a New Jersey zombie apocalypse book. I love reading sci-fi.

Jenni: If you were to say who would be the best at the apocalypse and survive? It would be her.

Nicole: Once the zombies come, you'll be coming to me.

Jenni: I'm going to Maine. Because nobody is going up there. There's nothing up there to eat. I'm going to Roger's parents and loading up on ammo.

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