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26 Things People In A Relationship Will Never Ever Understand

Single life.

1. Those special moments:

2. What it's like trying to flirt:

3. Especially after being single for a while:

4. It's not easy:

5. HELP:


7. Radio silence:

8. That special place for your remote babies:

9. Giving exciting updates on your status:

10. Livin' that third wheel life:

11. Hearing this about 15 times a day:

12. Like, ALL THE TIME:

13. Not to mention this question:

14. Because most of the time this is your love life:

15. Or this:

16. Or this:

17. And especially this:

18. Comparing yourself to gummy bears:

19. When you do have a date, you go ABOVE AND BEYOND:

20. And giving it a go, even if you know it's doomed:

21. Because it's easy to get your hopes up:

22. Before opening THAT door:

23. Because this is honestly what the dating pool looks like:

24. But until you find someone, you're just playing the waiting game:


26. Because you have your OWN goals:

27. And in the end, there's only one thing you can do: