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30 Signs That You're A Buckeye

So, you went to Ohio State University? Congrats on attending the best school ever!

1. You've jumped in this lake at least once in your life...even when the weather was below freezing.

2. You know this simply as "The Shoe."

3. You've gotten a giant plastic cup of beer at this place:

4. You basically lived here freshman year:

5. Or here, if you were a North Campus kid:

6. You've probably run into the president of the university at a house party or two:


7. And he made you realize how cool bow-ties are:

8. You do O-H-I-O basically everywhere you go:

9. And if you only have three people, you improvise.

10. It's not unusual to start drinking at 8 a.m. on gamedays.

11. And on those days, you hear this song blasting from every house on campus:

12. You are familiar with the rap stylings of this guy:

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13. This man will forever be your hero:

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

14. And this is basically like your statue of Buddha:

15. Buttt, now you are thrilled to have this guy:

Gene J. Puskar / AP

Urban Meyer

16. You know not to schedule a class on Lane and the next one on 12th:


17. This is normal:

18. You've waited for a slice of pizza from this place at 2 AM:

19. And you know Easton as: "the place to go when your parents are in town"

20. You prefer not to talk to anyone from Michigan.

21. Because seriously ,Michigan sucks.




23. And this is what you hope to teach your children:

24. You know the Oval is the best "quad" out of every school on earth:

25. You don't question the existence of this duck:

26. And come spring time this place is your backyard:

Oval Beach is a legitimate beach.

27. You are very familiar with WINNING.


28. You topped off 4 great years by doing a bar crawl with 10 thousand of your fellow graduates...

29. You've got the best damn band in the land...

30. And you'll forever remember the best days of your life when you hear this song:

(Even if you only know the first line).

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