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Show Us The Best Photo You've Taken Of Your Pet Using A Snapchat Filter

I want to see your dog-dogs and Picasso cats.

Snapchat is fun and great. Using the Snapchat lenses is even more fun and great. But using the Snapchat lenses on your dog or cat is most fun and great.

For example, my mom frequently snaps me photos of my dog using a Snapchat lens. Like, this one where he's Magneto:

This one, where he's a very excited koala.

This one, as a good boy with glasses:

And this one, where she faceswapped him with Giuliana Rancic (??).

But enough about my cute dog with Snapchat filters. I want to to see the very best of YOUR cute pet using a Snapchat lens. So please submit your photos for me and everyone else to look at via the DropBox below. <3 <3 <3