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Pets Feed Paw

Pets Feed Paw

Which "Secret Life Of Pets" Character Are You?

They are all cute so it's a win-win.

You Should See This Labrador Swim In The Name Of Science

Spoiler: This post contains a video of a dog swimming.

Is This A Puppy Or A Polar Bear?

Can you go 10 for 10?

14 Snaps From Dogs To Celebrate Independence Day

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of dogs.

28 Celebrities' Pets Guaranteed To Melt Your Tiny, Fragile Heart

Alternate headline: "28 Dogs And Cats That Are Richer Than You."

Can You Match The President With His Pet?

There have been a lot of weird animals living at the White House.

This Pet Fish Was Being Bullied In His Tank So A Vet Made Him A Fake Eye

"If I could give him quality of life, why not?"

18 Delightful Dogs On Planes

So much better than snakes on a plane.

16 Reasons Poodles Are The Best Dogs

Happiness can be furry.

Behold, The World's Officially Ugliest Dog

She's beauty and she's grace.

We Bet You Can't Identify Dogs By Their Butts

No, you can't smell the butt first.

21 Extremely Good Dog Tweets

What did we do to deserve dog tweets?

I Turned My Dog Into Air Bud And Now She's A Badass Baller Bitch

Move over LeBron, there's a new MVP (Most Valuable Puppy).

22 Really Really Good Tweets About Cats

Because what did we do to deserve cats?

Literally Just 25 People Who Look Just Like Their Dogs

Everyone knows that when you get a dog you'll eventually end up looking like each other. Here's proof of that.

17 Truths Only Couples With A Cat Understand

The cat has the deed to your home. And your life.

Is This A Puppy Or A Kitten?

Can you go 10 for 10?

12 Thoughts Your Dog Has Definitely Had

"Really not a fan of when he goes around talking like me."

25 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen When You Own A Cat

"That's OK, I didn't want that glass of water anyway. That can be your drinkie now, kitty."

How Many Of These Dog Names Can You Guess?

Look into their eyes and try to understand.

What Does Your Favorite Animal Say About Your Past Life?

Did you start a revolution or were you the first ever clown? OR BOTH?

A Renegade Kitten Survived A Cross-Country Road Trip By Clinging To A Car

Tigger was discovered by a Royal Navy pilot who heard meowing on a drive from Birmingham to Cornwall.

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