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33 Reasons Miley Cyrus Was Actually The Best Thing To Happen To 2013

Forget the haters, 'cause somebody loves ya. #TeamMiley till 2098.

1. First of all, she became her true bad-bitch self this year.

2. And it was pretty effin' great.

3. She gave us the now-iconic hair nubbins...

Mauceri / MacFarlane / / Via

...and the less iconic, but still important uninub.

4. She was a a pioneer for marijuana rights when she smoked a doobie on stage at an awards show:

Gif via.

5. And wore this weed-leaf shirt, which should be a necessary piece of clothing for everyone:

6. And she stood up for people that aren't pregnant, just fucking sick:

Gif via

7. She unknowingly gave us the best footage of Taylor Swift freaking out:

8. And Selena Gomez...

9. And this reaction shot from Rihanna and the boys of One Direction:

10. She introduced us to the world's most adorable sad cat:

11. And also to the world's best personal website:

12. She did this:

13. Without which we'd have never gotten this incredibly important pug:

14. Or this revolutionary Christmas ornament:

15. She killed it on SNL as the host AND musical guest:

16. And wasn't afraid to make fun of herself and we loved her for it.

17. Also there was this Brady Bunch rendition of "We Can't Stop," and it was pretty much awesome:

View this video on YouTube

18. And this onesie twerking bonanza, which made you just wanna dance in a onesie:

19. She revealed her true hopes and dreams:

20. And we realized she was kind of just like us, the way she fangirled over Britney:

MTV / Via

21. Like, actually freaked about seeing her live:

22. And danced like this throughout the show:

23. This year Miley not only got to party with a monkey:

24. But she also got to hold a baby wallabee:

25. And we can't forget that it was also a legendary year for her pelvic region:

26. Her VMA performance was scandalous but also one of the most entertaining things to happen this year...

27. And without all of her bold fashion statements, we'd never know what the Disney princesses would look like as her: / Via

28. Her halloween costume as Lil' Kim was almost better than when Lil' Kim did it...

29. And she was refreshingly insightful during interviews...

GIFs via.

30. And honest about what her message to everyone is.

Getty Images / Jason Kempin

31. Even though her videos were ~risqué~...

32. They were also emotional and heartbreaking...

33. And we can't forget that the girl can ACTUALLY sing.

View this video on YouTube

So, in conclusion:

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