19 Random Acts Of Bill Murray

    Bill Murray is everywhere you least expect him. In the best way.

    1. When he posed with this couple during their engagement photoshoot.

    2. When he blended in at a Celtics game.

    3. When he waved down this just-married couple to say congrats.

    4. When he and this baby were on the same page about life.

    5. When he made the most out of a rain delay at a baseball game and did this:

    6. When he happened to run into this guy who had on the best possible shirt to be wearing at that time.

    7. When he joined this group of kickballers and played a game with them.

    8. When he appeared on College Gameday in a cool purple hat and then body slammed the opposing teams mascot.

    9. When he got some late-night soft serve.

    10. When he saved this girl from airport hell.

    11. When he read a poem to some poetry-loving construction workers.

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    12. And visited some other construction workers, but this time there was no poetry.

    13. When he became the mirror image of this guy.

    14. When he was a literal hero.

    15. When he stopped by this Chef's birthday party...

    16. ....and then danced to "Turn Down For What."

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    17. When he collected tickets at the St. Paul Saints game while wearing a bucket hat.

    18. When he crashed a bachelor party to give this life advice:

    19. And when he joined this group of amazing people to pick up Amy Poehler...

    ...and then basically drop her.