16 Pictures Of Famous People Doing Things This Week

    Stars, they are kinda just like us.

    1. Jennifer Lopez tried to kiss a Chihuahua.

    2. Nick Jonas was literally just a head in the sand.

    3. Nicole Kidman was witchy.

    4. Chris Pratt had "Godfidence."

    5. Sophie Turner turned the tables on the paparazzi.

    6. Priyanka Chopra went jet skiing.

    7. Khloe Kardashian displayed a new lewk.

    8. Tracy Ellis Ross looked fluffy and comfy.

    9. Lisa Rinna was peacin'.

    10. Eddie Redmayne biked.

    11. Kanye West was smiley.

    12. Lana Del Ray gazed into a crystal.

    13. Kylie Jenner was all orange.

    14. Shawn Mendes said hi.

    15. The Biebers took a walk.

    16. And Joe Jonas enjoyed a cocktail under an umbrella while wearing a suit and cowboy boots.

    That's all folks!