24 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

Men got no clue.

1. Being MAIMED by a hair tie:

2. Always hearing THAT question:

3. The cramps struggle:

Anabgd / Getty Images

4. And what TRUE DECEPTION feels like:

6. The lip gloss–and–wind struggle:

7. This sweet, sweet relief.

10. And the butt hairs. THE BUTT HAIRS!!!

13. And THIS everywhere you go:

14. Holding in sneezes…

15. …especially during that time of the month.

Lionsgate / Via Twitter: @kakakkawasan

16. Dress codes growing up:

Siri Stafford / Getty Images / Via thehunt.com


20. And THE WORST part of those chairs:

21. Basically being a walking piece of abstract art:

22. The struggle of thick hair:

24. The constant fear of grates:

And nurturing this as if it’s your first born:

My beautiful baby.

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