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    22 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

    Well, most of them.

    1. THIS.

    2. The horror that is sitting down in one of these chairs with long hair:

    3. The pain:

    4. Hearing THAT question all the time:

    And all the times of false hope:

    5. Trying not to crack off your entire nail when confronted with this:

    6. The struggle of the Sunglasses Tangle:

    7. The windy-day struggle:

    8. ALL of the hair-tie struggles.

    9. Punching a bigger hole through ripped jeans:

    10. That one hair that always finds its way:

    11. When your tights start looking like the Middle East:

    12. The HORROR:

    13. THE RELIEF:

    14. The amount left every single time:

    15. Bra issues:

    16. The cuts... THE CUTS:

    17. The disappearing act of a bobby pin:

    18. The infamous hands-free scratch:

    19. Trying to hold in those sneezes:

    And not being able to hold in THOSE sneezes:

    20. Your hand becoming a work of art:

    And your eyebrows becoming the exact opposite:

    21. Reassuring yourself it's totally normal to lose 234 hairs a day:

    22. Living life as an egg:

    And, finally, the saddest sight known to woman: