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23 Pictures That Guys Will Just Never Ever Understand

Straight dudes have no idea.


2. The HORROR:

3. The chairs that pretty much only existed to make sure you never left a classroom with a full head of hair:

4. Trying not to crack off your entire nail when confronted with this:

5. The hair tie struggle:

6. Aaaaaand the other hair tie struggle:

7. ALL of the hair tie struggles.

8. The struggle of the Sunglasses Tangle:

9. Or just the Tangle in general:

10. Ponytail struggles:

11. Being a human canvas:


13. Prepping for parenthood:

14. Always reassuring yourself that on average it's totally normal to shed around 75 hairs a day:

15. Learning how to be patient:

16. The amount left every single time:

17. Getting whacked in the dome:

18. The infamous hands-free scratch:

19. The decision to pop a blood vessel over smudging all of your hard work:

20. The cuts...THE CUTS:

21. Hearing a *crunch* and saying goodbye to these old friends:

22. Eyebrow issues:

23. And, finally, coming to terms with the beginning of the end: