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Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man

The original Ryan Gosling.

Marlon Brando was the perfect specimen.

Look at that perfect face.

And those perfect arms.


Look at this pic of him with a cat on his shoulders!

And this one

And these

Also this one.

But back to him.

He played the bongos...

And the recorder.

And this was him all wet.

And smirky

And reading a book-y

He looked just as handsome in color.

As he did in black and white. HELLO THERE.

Take a look at this gif.

Now pick your melted body up off the floor.

And look at him in another pic with a cat.

How divine was he?

Like, super sexy.

And buff.

Just take a gander at this pic


Moving right along...

Here's a pic of him kissing a cat.


Another hot colored photo.

And look at him laughing at this apple that probably just made a funny joke.

Also, this:




And finally, this: