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    Praise Be, Lorde Brought Back Her Secret Instagram Where She Rates Onion Rings

    I've been waiting years for this.

    Three years ago, it was discovered that Lorde was secretly running an instagram account that reviewed and rated onion rings.

    But when she and the onion rings got found out, she stopped rating 🥺. All I wanted was for Lorde to be able to rate her onion rings without judgment from the world. I begged her!!!!

    And now, finally, after 184 weeks of silence, IT HAS RETURNED. The account is back and in action, and onion rings are being rated once more!! She returned with this golden baby, saying, "don't call it a crumb back."

    Followed quickly by what was this onion ring, given 4.5/5 stars.

    She also filled us in a bit on why she went quiet. After her identity was revealed, the onion ring life got to be a struggle.

    But now she's back and eating onion rings again and not scared to give them the rating they deserve.