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    People, Let Lorde Review Her Onion Rings In Peace!!!


    Yesterday there was news that shook the world about Lorde having a secret Instagram where she reviewed onion rings. Originally unveiled on Newshub, it spread across the internet like a bad rash.

    The news was alleged, as Lorde hasn't confirmed that she is the onion ring reviewer. Tbh it *could* just be a rando who likes to review onion rings!

    But Lorde was the #1 suspect.

    Could it be that Lorde likes onion rings...and has a sense of humor and...likes to review them for funsies?!?!?!

    MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT. We don't know the truth!

    However, if the now-deleted Onionringsworldwide Instagram account was in fact Lorde's finstagram, then I beg of you: LET HER REVIEW HER ONION RINGS IN PEACE!!!!!!

    So maybe Lorde gave this tempura onion ring that she ate on a plane a 4.5/5. Let her do it!

    And maybe she went to Gowings Bar & Grill in Sydney and got this breaded onion ring and kinda hated it. GOOD FOR HER FOR SPEAKING HER TRUTH.

    And maybe Lorde should be able to review this Bareburger onion ring that was "actually pretty good" in the privacy of her own finsta!!!

    All I'm saying is look what we did as a society. WE MADE LORDE DELETE HER BEAUTIFUL AND INNOCENT ONION-REVIEWING INSTAGRAM. And I, for one, wish we could all just let her rate her onion rings in peace. THAT IS ALL.