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    27 Pictures People With Short Hair Will Never Understand

    "I need to wash my hair but I'm not mentally prepared enough to dry it."

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    1. Getting stuck in everything:

    2. I mean EVERYTHING:

    3. Literally. Every. Single. Thing.

    4. You name it, it gets stuck:


    6. The battle wounds:

    7. Living that glob life:

    8. Making big plans for the weekend:

    9. The deadly combo of lipgloss and long hair:

    10. Walkin' around with a cute l'il wig on your wrist:

    11. That constant awkward moment:

    12. The struggle:

    13. That ONE strand that's ALWAYS there:

    14. Meal prep:

    15. The impossible balancing act:

    16. When your hair becomes a lit'ral bobby pin tree:

    17. And then they all vanish into thin air:

    18. Living the life of an egg:

    19. This modern art after a shower:

    20. Hearing that CRUNCH and seeing this:

    21. Seeing this chair and having a chill go down your spine:

    22. Pros and cons:

    23. Always being trapped by the man or woman you love the most:

    24. Getting that bicep pump in:

    25. Tightness trouble:

    26. Protecting your beautiful baby with all your strength:

    27. And, finally, just hoping that all your hair ties are happy in their new life:

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