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Lennon And Maisy Stella Find Out How Well They Know Each Other

The sisters take our BFF test.

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Lennon and Maisy Stella first captured the attention of audiences when the singers started uploading covers to YouTube. After the world heard their rendition of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" it was settled: This sister duo was here to stay. Now they both star on ABC's Nashville, and have recently put out a children's book called In the Waves. Lennon and Maisy stopped by BuzzFeed, and we decided to put the sisters to the test to see how well they know each other. Here's how they fared.


Maisy: I don't know how to spell this. Is that right? I don't know. Probably not.

Lennon: Oh yeah, good one though. It is turqoise. You're right. You're more right.

Maisy: Lime green is my favorite color!

Maisy: We just talked about this the other day.

Lennon: I need to think give me a few seconds. I'm a good listener, I swear! Chewing with your mouth open? I know it! Give me a hint?

Maisy: Texting.

Lennon: Ohhh! I know it!!!

Maisy: OK that's a good one too. I'm going to give her that point. But when people just say, "Hi," if you don't have a question or a reason to text me, I don't want to hear "Hi." Because there's no reason to text me.

Both: Yay!!!

Lennon: I love me some chips and dip. Regular chips, with French onion. Or, I hate all sports, but the snacks. When my dad makes layer dip. So good.


Lennon: Or a bunny, because they are very jumpy jumpy. A monkey is probably better actually.

Lennon: Both old men.

Maisy: I do say "like" a lot. I used to get in trouble in school because in my writing, I'd say "like" in my head and then write it.

Lennon: "Wannabe."

Both: I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want!

Maisy: This is the crying laughing one and that's the heart eyes. You got that.

Lennon: No whip. I'm such a diva.

Lennon: Pineapple?

Maisy: I love pineapple! Cheese is not even a topping; it comes with every pizza!

Lennon: She loves cheese.

Lennon: Either The Real World or Jerseylicious. You choose.

Maisy: OK Real World. I watch that with Charlie and I'm like, OK they are just beating each other up! I like Jerseylicious 'cause I like Tracy.

Maisy: I have three. OK you can't laugh at my third one.

Lennons: Not that I don't love these amazing humans, it's just the total opposite for me right now.

What would be yours?

Lennon: It would just be a lot less pop.

Maisy: That's my favorite show.

Lennon: I can't be on your favorite show?

Maisy: I call Aria, OK? You choose you; I'm Aria.

Lennon: I'm Emily.

Maisy: No, No. You're Hanna. It's on hiatus right now and I'm dying.




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