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    19 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    The Lannisters took a vacation and more!

    1. Aaron Paul was really happy he got Dominos:

    2. Joe Jonas photobombed Nick:

    3. The Lannisters took a vacation:

    4. Mindy Kaling hung out with Timothy Olyphant.

    5. Ryan Seacrest threw invisible money:

    6. Miley kissed another large teddy bear:

    7. John Stamos hugged Ashley Olsen:

    8. James Franco became Richard Prince:

    9. Amanda Seyfried shoed off her dog's carrot balancing skills:

    10. Beyonce showed off her bee:

    11. Zooey Deschanel blue herself:

    12. Nicole Richie learned to rap:

    13. Lance Bass got engaged:

    14. Rainn WIlson and Jason Biggs played some sports:

    15. Colton Hayes met Harry Shum:

    16. Skylar Astin got a kiss from Anna Camp:

    17. P. Diddy took a selfie with Will.I.Am:

    18. The Rock held up a fake decapitated toe:

    19. And Oprah hula-hooped.

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