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23 Pictures That Are Too Real For People Who Are Bad At Math

It's a lifestyle.

1. The never-ending process:

2. Every single time you go out:

3. "Eh, close enough":

4. The perfect T-shirt for you:

5. And the perfect sweatshirt:

6. The only equation you had memorized:

7. Getting terrible flashbacks from this:

8. "Just making sure":

9. The realization:

10. Working out most of your problems like this:

11. Lying to yourself:

12. Realizing this is all you remember from school:

13. Hoping and praying this might just slide for once:

14. Trying to stay calm:

15. Scribbles:

16. Realizing it's ALL A LIE:

17. Being SO, SO CLOSE:

18. Adding the total together like:

19. The emotional roller coaster:

20. The extent of your knowledge:

21. Making up your own rules:

22. Projecting long term:

23. And the only math you actually enjoy doing: