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    IDK Who Or What Laura Dern Thinks Baby Yoda Is But I'm Obsessed With Her Saying She Saw Him At A Basketball Game

    This is the greatest confusion I've ever experienced.

    You know and love Baby Yoda.

    I know and love Baby Yoda.

    But according to the interview that I'm about to show you and that I've watched 13 times in the past five minutes, I've come to the conclusion that Laura Dern has no idea who/what Baby Yoda is and I'm obsessed!!!

    Here's the interview. When asked about Baby Yoda, Laura Dern replies that she saw him at a basketball game. Please just watch and then we'll discuss:

    Laura Dern says that she saw #BabyYoda at a basketball game: "That's all I'm going to say"

    Now let's recap.

    Laura Dern is asked if she has seen Baby Yoda. At first she hesitates, and then she says she thinks she saw him at a basketball game.

    This response left the interviewer confused.

    Baffled even.

    Then the two of them just stared at each other in silence for like, a solid 47 minutes. I watched unsure what would happen next.

    Then Laura got coy. Said she wasn't gonna say any more 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫.

    However, she doubled down, and said once again that she "saw him" at a basketball game and that according to her, Baby Yoda was in PA (Pennsylvania?? IDK).

    To this I say, LOL WAT?


    Honestly I don't know what she's talking about or what she thinks she saw, but whatever it is I prefer this current reality. BABY YODA WAS IN PA, AND THAT'S THAT!

    And while this post is about Laura Dern and my love for her response about bb yoda, I also must shout out Jennifer Lopez. Because Jennifer Lopez was also asked about Baby Yoda, and her answer also amuses me.

    In her interview she said that she didn't know what Baby Yoda was. Then she asked her publicist who said it was a meme. Then she praised Baby Yoda, as she should.

    Come for Jennifer Lopez's confusion over #BabyYoda and stay for her praise: "I like Baby Yoda, I think Baby Yoda's amazing"

    In conclusion: greatest interview question ever asked! Will watch again.

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