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I Actually Love Subway Showtime, SO SUE ME!!!


Hello friends. I've gathered you here today to talk to you about something that I'm passionate about: Subway Showtime.


For those of you who don't know what Subway Showtime is, or don't know that you actually *do* know what Subway Showtime is, you just never realized what it was called, it's that glorious moment on a train when a group of dancers tell people to move aside, play music and do cool tricks on polls and stuff in your subway car.

And guess what: I'm here to say that I LOVE IT! Completely unironically. I fuckin' love Subway Showtime.

And In my heart I believe everyone who doesn't like it, has a stick up their butt.

I mean, what is not to love? These people are usually EXTREMELY talented. Who doesn't like to watch talented people do fun things?

And they are always full of joy! Pumping each other up and just out to have a good time. Are you against good times?

Plus sometimes there is a kid with the group and that little one is always way more skilled than most adults I know.


I get it, maybe you're hesitant because you're scared of getting kicked in the face or something.

But, honestly when has that every happened to you or anyone you know? It hasn't. Because these people are pros.

Clearly they know what they are doing and also have superhuman strength.

Also, it's just legitimately entertaining and for five minutes gives you an excuse to not stare at a banner ad for Dr. Zizmor.

In conclusion: Showtime is wonderful and you're on the wrong side of history if you disagree. But...please, tell me how you really feel!



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