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    Here's Tom Hanks's Big Ol' Bag Of Plasma That Will Be Used To Help Treat Other Coronavirus Patients

    Hero Hanks!!

    By now we all know that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had the coronavirus and have fully recovered.

    That means that their blood is full of antibodies that can help other people in their fight against corona. It's called convalescent plasma. I'm not a scientist, but I read a lot about it here.

    "When people recover from COVID-19, their blood contains antibodies that their bodies produced to fight the coronavirus and help them get well. Antibodies are found in plasma, a component of blood."

    SO YEAH, ANYWAY, Tom Hanks's blood is, like, pure gold right now. It's that good good. And he is being a very helpful person and donating that priceless plasma.

    And here it is! Tom's big ol' baggy of plasma!!!!

    And according to Harvard Health Publishing, Tom's one bag of plasma will help treat up to three people!!

    "Each donor produces enough plasma to treat one to three patients. Donating plasma should not weaken the donor's immune system nor make the donor more susceptible to getting reinfected with the virus."

    Obvi Tom Hanks isn't the only coronavirus survivor that is donating his plasma, so thank you to everyone who is qualified and able to donate and is helping to save lives!!