Here Are All The Pics From The Set Of “Barbie” So Far, But Don’t Worry, There Are No Spoilers (Because I Have No Idea What The Movie Is About)

    One ticket for Barbie, please!

    Unless you were born yesterday and are, like, a literal baby that can't read or do anything, then you must know about Greta Gerwig's Barbie.

    Greta Gerwig standing next to Margot Robbie, who is dressed like Barbie and wearing a cowboy hat

    Margot Robbie plays Barbie.

    Margot as Barbie in a pink convertible

    And Ryan Gosling plays Ken.

    Ryan wearing a denim vest with no shirt underneath and jeans worn low enough to show the top of his boxers, which say "Ken" repeatedly

    There are also about 87 other famous people in this movie. And yet, we know practically nothing about it!

    The cast list, which includes America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, and Emma Mackey

    Here's what we do know based on the pics from the set thus far.

    Ryan Gosling will wear a cute little fringed cowboy outfit with a pink scarf.

    Margot Robbie will wear this pink two-piece outfit, made up of flared pants and a western-style vest.

    Margot/Barbie will at one point go rollerblading with America Ferrera's character.

    Margot rollerblading in her two-piece Western outfit with America, who is wearing normal pants and a button-down shirt

    Will Ferrell's character will wear a suit and also go rollerblading.

    And he will be angry while he does this.

    In fact, it seems there will be many angry men on roller skates.

    Several men wearing the same suit and looking either angry or upset while rollerblading

    There will be an outfit change in which Margot and Ryan wear neon ensembles.

    Margot still in rollerblades, now joined by Ryan; they're both wearing matching neon outfits with bright knee pads and rollerblades

    They will rollerblade in these as well.

    Ryan and Margot wearing the same outfits as before, but now Margot is also wearing an oversized button-down shirt over hers

    Perhaps they are the 1984 Hot Skatin' Barbies come to life.

    An old Barbie in a box that is wearing an outfit very similar to Margot


    Ryan/Ken's outfit is a bit different, but that's called Greta using her artistic license.

    Sorry, was that pic of Ryan too small? HERE IT IS BIGGER:

    And just for shits 'n' giggles, here's another one of our main duo living, laughing, and loving.

    Okay, here are just a couple more pics of them filming this scene because I get to download these basically for free, so why not show you?

    Ryan and Margot in their matching outfits smiling at something off screen
    Will Ferrell looking very angry while rollerblading

    Also an important thing to note is Greta Gerwig has been directing while wearing a pink jumpsuit.