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If You Get 7 Of These Very Hard Final Jeopardy Questions Right, You're A Jeopardy Genius

Difficulty level = hard.

It's simple. These are all real Final Jeopardy clues. All you have to do is answer them, and they don't have to be in the Jeopardy format. (Like, no need to include "what is") P.S. all of these are tough AF questions. Maybe you wanna master the medium or easy versions before you get to the realllll hard stuff. GOOD LUCK.

  1. Category: The East Coast
  2. Category: By The Numbers
  3. Category: Technology
  4. Category: European Countries
  5. Category: European Cities
  6. Category: 2011 Events
  7. Category: Diplomatic Relations
  8. Category: Mythological Names
  9. Category: Historic Occasions
  10. Category: Peninsular Nations
  11. Category: Space Exploration

Too hard? Maybe you'll ace the medium or easy versions. GOOD LUCK.

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