Haim And ASAP Ferg’s New Music Video For "My Song 5" Is Perfect

Haim so happy right now.

1. First of All, Vanessa Bayer plays a 90s talk show host named Dallas Murphy.

2. And Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig is an audience member.

3. A dissaproving audience member at that.

4. Artemis Pebdani (who plays Artemis on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) played another Artemis who is scared of cotton balls.


5. Kesha — or as she’s known here, Keiysha — was a guest who is in love with her cat.

6. ASAP Ferg performed his verse in a bucket hat.

7. And Este Haim did this little move.

8. Now, let’s form a Haim prayer circle.

9. Gawk at the perfection that is Danielle Haim.

10. And thank the one above for blessing us with their music video.

11. And now, watch:

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