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    Goodbye To Everyone Else Cause Haim's Halloween Costume Wins It All

    They put a spell on me.

    Sorry to literally everyone else who dressed up this year, because unfortunately you didn't have the best costume! That award is going to the Haim sisters, Alana, Este, and Danielle for their take on the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus.

    And before you say, "But everyone does the Sanderson sisters!," just watch their rendition of them because it is top notch. Above all the rest. Absolutely perfect in every way. Enjoy:

    And now let's discuss.

    The Haimderson sisters!!!!!

    Este as Winifred.

    Danielle as Sarah.

    And Alana as Mary. THE MOUTH!!

    It's too good.

    It's perfect.


    So, to answer your question, Haim, yes, you did. You really did.