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23 Reasons Why Group Projects Should Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth

There's no I in team, except for in group projects.

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We're all from different places, of different creeds, from different backgrounds. But there's one thing we can all agree on: Group projects are the worst.

1. Group projects succeed in teaching you only one thing:

2. They spark fear in all our hearts:

3. And they make it clear that you can never, ever count on people:

4. And that your only friend is yourself:

5. They're a time when you're forced to take drastic measures:

6. Where you see people for what they REALLY are:

7. They are a time where you become an academic chameleon:

8. And find out how brilliant you are and how truly disappointing everyone else is:

9. They're a time when you have to turn to music to get your through difficult times:

10. And sometimes it's like you're in the abyss somewhere, floating, waiting to be found and brought home.

11. They are also a time where you're forced to work with your worst enemies:

12. Whether in English class:

13. Or Spanish class:

14. And when they try to help, it goes a lot like this:

15. They're a time when you have to conquer your own fears:

16. Where you learn the world is an unfair, terrible place:

17. And people will take whatever they can get:

18. least most of the time:

19. They're a time when this is literally the worst thing you can see:

20. Where you're forced to give out sage advice:

21. Where tensions run high:

22. And unfortunately, some people must be sacrificed.

23. But in the end, they give you an experience you'll never forget:

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